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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Containerizing Your Kitchen

Yesterday I helped a client organize her kitchen. As we sorted through her cupboards and drawers, we came across containers she doesn't use any more. Some were sentimental and some were not. We placed the containers on the table.

When we came across items that needed to be containerized, we had a selection of containers to choose from. She loved it when we could use a sentimental container to house an item. For example, we used a cute little pitcher with a lid to store her tea bags.

She has a basket collection which does double duty by being beautiful as well as storing things like coffee filters and such. We came across tins, plastic containers, and jars - all of which are great kitchen storage containers.

When containerizing, don't forget to look at sentimental items as storage, if you like to keep such things around you. A nice way to repurpose items you love!

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