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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Helping Your College Student Live Intentionally

College can be a scary place, especially for a freshman. Why not make it a little less scary by encouraging your student to live intentionally.

Living intentionally - what is that? 
- It's figuring out what is important and aligning your life accordingly. 
- It's determining what you're passionate about and making sure you're investing in these areas.
- It's figuring out your gifts and talents and using them to the max.
- It's thinking about what kind of legacy you want to leave.
- It's eliminating things from your life that compete with your passions, gifts, and legacy.
- It's maximizing your time in order to reflect your passions and your gifts and your legacy.

This is an ideal time to consider these things, before the chaos of college begins. Once classes start and all those choices of how to spend his time arise, decisions will be easier as your student can sift various options through his own filtering system: does this activity match my goals?

Sound complicated? It's not. 

All of my time management books, including Three Steps to Time Management for the College Student workbook, guide you through the process of living intentionally: determining your passions, gifts and legacy and aligning your life accordingly.

They are available as ebooks on Kindle,  and as downloadable PDFs or on flash drives at 1-2-3 ... Get Organized.

Help your student get ready for fall classes and for life by living intentionally! You couldn't provide a better gift!

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