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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Organizing Your Garden - Creating Your Own Compost

Good morning! It's still a little chilly here in Ohio, but we did a little work outside last evening. I sanded our front red railing which is in need of some touch up paint.

And my husband put organic compost (pc name for manure!) around our flowers. Our foster daughter for the week helped us do both. Organic compost is not very expensive, but you can make your own, according to Jenn Savedge of mothernature.com. In light of Earth Day coming up April 22, I thought this was an interesting topic.

Here's what Family Circle magazine, April 17, 2009 says: "Instead of paying for fertilizer, create your own compost, suggests Jenn Savedge, blogger at mothernaturenetwork.com. Mix dinner scraps like veggies, eggshells and coffee grounds - no meat or dairy - into a small mound in your yard. Turn with a shovel and sprinkle with water every few weeks. Within a month your pile will be garden-ready."

This was news to me - I thought that you had to leave it much longer than a month. We had a compost heap when we lived in Kenya, but we haven't done one here. The major drawback for me is having scraps sitting in my kitchen before they go out to the compost heap. I guess I could have something out the back door to put them in.

Have any of you tried this? If you receive this blog via email, use this link to leave a comment.

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