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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Compile activity ideas

For when life seems boring and you are brain dead, keep a list of activities to do in your area. We are teaching our foster children life skills - important things they need to know when they leave home. Each week they can choose one item they want to do, and this week one of the girls chose "things to do with your friends." So this morning, I compiled crazy parties we've had, entertaining dinners, and game ideas.

I also have been compiling a list of interesting things to do in our area - museums. farms, pick-you-own orchards, art galleries, amusement parks, parks, hiking, zoos, etc.

Make up things to do. One we did recently was a progressive fast food dinner (give your children a certain amount of money and go to four different places where they can get only one item). We went to a drive-in hamburger place, a gas station/convenience store, a mall eatery, and an ice cream place. Not something I'd suggest often, but it turned a boring evening into a fun one - especially when you don't tell them ahead of time which places you are going.

If you keep a list of ideas, you can usually pull something fun together when you need it!