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Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Cleaning Using Household Items - Salt, Newspaper, Coffee Filters, and Olive Oil

This will be the last installment of spring cleaning using household items, unless you have some tips you want to pass along!

Salt - Mix 1/2 cup salt and a quart of hot water. Pour the salt water mixture down your drain to give it a good cleaning.

- To deodorize and dry out shoes, stuff them with newspaper overnight. Note: to keep shoes from smelling, don't wear them two days in a row.

- To freshen food containers or themoses, stuff with newspaper and let it sit overnight.

- Some people swear by using newspaper to clean windows. I don't like ending up with black hands!

Coffee filters - use them to clean windows or glass if you run out of paper towels. They don't leave any lint or residue. (And for a vice versa - if you run out of coffee filters, you can use paper towels in your coffee maker!)

Olive oil - rub on stainless steel or chrome to shine them. Ammonia and similar products can dull or corrode them.