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Monday, February 14, 2011

Organizing for Tax Season

Happy Valentine's Day! Last night I made heart-shaped pumpkin muffins for the girls for breakfast this morning. I'm trying to figure out how to carry the theme through dinner. In the meantime, here's our post for today ...

It's time to think about taxes again! I'm going to try something new this year - expandable files just for my taxes. I found these DiVoga files at Office Max for $9.99 - one for this year's taxes and one for next year.

They are 13-pocket files with snap fronts with two snap options: the one shown for fewer documents and another snap higher up if you have more documents making the file thicker. I got them in different colors so I could distinguish between tax years. I couldn't find this exact file online, so I don't have a link for you. 

I did find similar ones from Smead. The All-in-One Tax Organizer also has 13 pockets with an elastic closure. It has pre-printed and blank labels for your convenience.  

If your taxes aren't very complicated, you could use Smead's 6-Pocket Tax Organizer. 

For that matter, you could use any expandable file. I saw several that were different colors and textures for around $12-18.

I'm going to set my open file near where I sort our mail, so I can just drop various papers into their slots without having to open a file folder or file cabinet! I'll do the same with receipts. When tax time comes, everything will already be categorized. 

How do you organize your tax documents?

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