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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get Organized for School - Clothing Inventory

Get organized for school? It's only July 1! I know ... I know. But by doing a little here and there, it won't be such a rush in August.

One thing I always felt was helpful with each of my girls was to go through her closet and do an inventory. We would get rid of items she no longer wore - either donate them or turn them into rags.

Then we'd make a list of each category - short sleeve tops, long sleeve tops, shorts, pants, skirts, shoes, etc.

Next, we'd put together a list of possible outfits. She kept this list throughout the year. It made it simple to choose an outfit rather than standing in front of her closet waiting for inspiration to hit! And she wasn't as likely to get bored with her clothes if she didn't get in a rut of wearing the same combinations together.

By making these lists, it became very obvious where the gaps were - what article of clothing had no match, for example. We made a shopping list and started watching out for those things on the list. This way, we could spread out the shopping over the summer, rather than cram it in right before school.

While we were looking through clothes, we took inventory on underwear, socks, and athletic clothes. Our girls played school sports, so we'd check to see if they needed new cleats, sweats, athletic socks, etc.

I realize with guys you don't have to go into so much work. But it's good to do an inventory to know what he needs. Then, when you're on vacation and hit those outlet malls, you can stock up!

If doing a clothing inventory sounds too overwhelming, break it up into small segments:
- get rid of unwanted clothing
- make a list of each category of clothing
- make a list of possible outfits
- make a shopping list
- shop!

Have you discovered ways to reduce the stress of getting organized for school?