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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some of My Favorite Organizing Products - Tall Laundry Hampers

My friend Margaret went home yesterday - such a nice visit! And we're getting a new foster daughter today. So that brings us up to three girls in the house. As you can imagine, laundry is done quite often here! Thankfully, the girls do their own laundry.

As I've posted before, my husband and I sort our dirty clothes in laundry hampers as we take them off. This saves clutter in a couple of aspects: 

- sorting is done as you go, rather than having a sorting explosion every time you do laundry

- when a laundry hamper is full, it can be taken to the washing machine as needed.

This is what ours looks like:

Our are in the bottom of our bathroom closet (we took out the bottom shelf). In the past we have also stored them in our bedroom closet or in a corner of our bedroom. 

We have one for whites (hot water), one for lights (warm water), one for darks (cold water), one for delicates, and one for towels and sheets (hot water).

These laundry hampers come with lids, but we removed the lids for ease of use. The lids don't fit in our closet, but if I were storing them in my bedroom, I might leave them on. Unless the extra step of lifting the lids would keep us from putting our clothes away ... then they would be off in a flash!

They also come with ($16.95) or without rollers ($14.95) . Rollers would be nice if it's a distance to your laundry room. They also come in an oval shape, which seems less efficient to me. Sterilite hampers are available at Walmart and Amazon.  

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