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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Health Risks of Clutter

Clutter can create numerous health risks. The following article excerpts detail some of those. Quite motivating!

"Causes of death range from ridiculous mishaps to that of the terminally severe, be it through a slow rot spent in a space filled with junk—unable to function normally due to the mentally draining chaos surrounding you–or through an unexpected trip-and-fall caused by rubbish left lying on a bedroom floor.

When it comes to clutter, a lot of people do not realize how huge of a risk it poses to thousands of lives. Apart from the obvious foot impaling accidents, dirt in one’s home can also lead to peril, specifically on one’s health. To help you realize how dire it is for you to keep your household clean, we’ve compiled a list of facts that establish the health dangers of an untidy space, especially when it gets to a hazardous degree.

Fact #1: A cluttered environment can only mean one thing–stress

A disorganized dwelling packed with heaps of stuff scattered on every corner is visually, mentally, and emotionally tiring. It leaves one lethargic, hopeless, and bothered by overwhelming anxiety. When you’re space is cluttered, your productivity gets affected and you’re left missing deadlines, working longer hours, and losing important stuff.

Fact #2: Clutter attracts dust. Dust is both an allergen and an asthma trigger

And too much of it is unhealthy for kids. A dusty room makes one’s allergies flare up and is considered deadly for people with heart and lung disease, and also to those with breathing problems.

Fact #3: Pests call clutter home–Roaches, rodents and flies all thrive in nasty environments. The moment you stop cleaning your house, you’re instantly making it an irresistible breeding ground for disgusting pests to call their home. From moldy leftovers to dank mildew and grime, a cluttered household makes for a toxic setting where rats, mice and other bacteria-carrying insects live freely.

Fact #4: Apart from being fire hazards, stacks of paper and litter left lying on the floor are just accidents waiting to happen…

Ever felt what it’s like to step on a Lego brick? Painful, right? That could’ve been avoided if toys were put away. An organized space will definitely bring you peace of mind and lessen the occurrence of messy mishaps happening to your household. Another point to consider is that junk poses as serious barriers for emergency rescue personnel. ..."

Something to think about, isn't it?

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