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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just in Time for Get Organized Month - More of My Books on Kindle!

Happy New Year! I wish you many blessings and exciting opportunities in 2012!

Our family has had a wonderful time together over the holidays. Our daughter Comfort and her husband Steve put a bid on a house during this time. Sadly, our daughter Sara is leaving us tomorrow.  But I guess we all need to get on with our lives. Couldn't have asked for a sweeter time as a family. 

I'm excited for 2012, as I have some new adventures going on. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my Three Steps to Decluttering is on Kindle. Well, I've been busy ...

I now have five books on Kindle:
Three Steps to Decluttering
Three Steps to Organizing Your Office
Three Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen
Three Steps to Organizing Your Child's Room
Three Steps to Time Management for the  Stay-at-Home Mom

I'm hoping to put the rest of my books on Kindle in the next week or so. These were written for the organizationally overwhelmed. Pretty appropriate for Get Organized month, don't you think? :)  We're all kind of ready to get life back under control after the holidays. 

I'll be posting more ideas on getting organized in the new year this month.