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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Decluttering Your Food Supply - A Moratorium on Grocery Shopping Challenge

It's nice to have a stockpile of food to choose from, but sometimes it can feel like too much. That's how I've been feeling lately. So I decided to challenge myself by not going grocery shopping for as long as possible. My challenge is to prepare interesting and balanced meals with what I have.

We purchased a half-share in a Hutterite (like Amish) farm and receive a bunch of veggies every week. It has been fun to figure out ways to use all this beautiful produce. So that has contributed to my store-less adventure. 

And when I run out of plastic food containers, I know it's time to use up all those sauces and salad dressings I've made and stored in the fridge.    

So ... I'm trying to use up the meat in my freezer, canned goods and fresh food in creative ways. I haven't been to the grocery store in almost two weeks. We have some rice milk in UHT containers which is getting us by. I had bread in the freezer and we've made a loaf. 

I may draw the line at coffee creamer, though. When that runs out I may get a few essentials like eggs, milk and fudgecicles. But I still want to work on using up frozen and fresh items, and buying as little as possible

So what have we been eating? Corn chowder, Sesame Green Beans,
Delectible Marinated Chicken, stir fries, and curries. 
A way to be efficient with what I have. Not a bad thing in these days and times! 

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