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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get Organized Month - Decluttering Your Tops/Blouses/Shirts

Take a look at your tops/blouses/shirts. Get rid of those you no longer wear, that don't fit, that are excessive, or that are stained or worn. Toss those that are not worth giving and donate the rest. Put that bag or box in the front seat of your car so you will deliver it to your charity quickly.

Categorize your tops: sports, casual, dressy casual, and dressy. Then arrange them according to color. And finally, arrange long-sleeved tops together and short-sleeved tops together.

This allows you to select your clothes at a glance without going through your entire closet trying to find a match. It also allows you to take inventory quickly when needing to shop. You can see exactly what you have, what you need, and it prevents duplicate purchases.

As you purge, your clothes will not get wrinkled because of an over-stuffed closet. Consider storing your off-season clothing elsewhere if you don't have enough room for both in your closet. Keep a few items from the opposite season for those unseasonable days.

Don't you feel lighter and leaner?