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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Access Women's Shelter

I had such a delightful time with the women at the Access Women's Shelter in Akron, Ohio last week. During our time management seminar, we looked at the legacy they wanted to leave, their passions, their priorities, and their gifts. If we're going to talk time management, we need a context to determine what matters to us.

Since most of these women are in transition, we created Jazzmine, our fictitious woman. We determined her passions, priorities, and gifts and then made a weekly master plan she could follow each week when she sat down to plan the next week.

The women participated enthusiastically and related some of their own dreams and hopes. I sensed they left with some excitement about their future. You can read more about the seminar at http://client.mmpulse.com//CmpOnlineViewer.aspx?CmpId=2576&ContId=1377233. I'm so impressed with this organization, I'd encourage you to donate some time (if you live in the Akron area) or some money.