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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Organizing Legos - Or Not

Professional Organizers were chatting recently (NAPO chat - National Association of Professional Organizers) about Legos. Even though those involved in the chat had tried sorting and organizing their kids' Legos, the consensus was that their kids liked to be able to "dig" for their Lego pieces. So why bother?

Some valuable tips from the discussion:

- Any large bin with a tight fitting cover should keep Legos contained while not in use, and safe from younger siblings.

- Or, instead of one large bin, use several medium-sized bins and tackle or tool boxes to hold special projects. Tool boxes with a few compartments on the top save special pieces along with the project the kids are working on.

- Low-to-the-ground train tables allow kids to leave their projects out between play sessions. Here's one that was recommended:

- Spread a flat bed sheet on the floor on which your children can play with their Legos. When it's time to clean up, you can pick up the sheet and funnel the pieces into your container. This eliminates discovering little tiny pieces with your bare feet!

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