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Monday, February 1, 2010

Forget-Me-Not Lists

Do you find yourself forgetting things as you leave home?

Create a forget-me-not list or two. Make them according to the bag you're taking. Make them according to the place you're going.

For example, make a list for your briefcase, purse, diaper bag, work out bag, the car, etc. Or make a list for business trips, regular meetings, grocery shopping, church, day care, etc.

Tuck your list inside the corresponding bag so you can take a quick look before you walk out the door.
Or stick your list(s) on your fridge, by your keys, by the door, or another logical place.

What a time saver, to get to where you need to be with everything you need! And how frustrating when you forget something important!

For an even calmer exit, check your lists the night before and replenish and organize as necessary.

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