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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Strange Clutter Facts from Oprah

The following is an excerpt from Meredith Bryan's Oprah.com article which appeared on CNN Living. Some pretty strange facts ...

"You can take it with you
Worried about leaving unwanted furniture after you die? Fear not: Maine-based company Last Things creates bookcases that -- when the time comes -- double as coffins.

Last August the body of Billie Jean James was found buried under mountains of junk in her Las Vegas home, four months after she'd gone missing. This despite the early deployment of search dogs -- and the fact that her husband still lived in the house.

Humble abodes
One way to forcefully de-clutter is to move into a home the size of a parking space. The Small House Movement -- which has been featured on the Oprah show -- is thriving, according to Kent Griswold, author of tinyhouseblog.com. Griswold recommends Tumbleweed Tiny House company, whose models (with names like "Weebee") range from 65 to 840 square feet and cost less than $20,000. "I've traveled from Canada to Mexico with my small homes," writes Griswold. "Can you do that with your current home?"

Organize it like Beckham
One celebrity whose organizational skills are praised consistently -- by no less an authority than his wife -- is soccer star David Beckham.
Victoria Beckham has revealed that Becks color-codes the contents of the fridge, vacuums the carpet in straight lines and gets upset when anyone walks on it, and has a separate bathroom because he can't stand her clutter."

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