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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Capturing Usable Moments

We all have those moments when we're waiting on something - the microwave, the coffee, a person, traffic, while we're on the phone, etc.

Even if it's just a minute while the microwave is heating something up, I try to look around and see what I can do in that minute: clean off a counter, put some dishes in the dishwasher, stack dishes and silverware for setting the table, for example.

Because we need to be in the presence of our foster girls most of the time, I use the time while they are doing homework, finishing breakfast, etc. to chop up something for dinner, clear out the dishwasher, dust and other small chores. Cleaning is not one of my favorite things to do, and if I can accomplish it in little chunks of time rather than having to set aside a big chunk, so much the better!

Investing in a headset for my phone was one of the best few dollars I have spent (around $20)! If I know I'm going to spend a few minutes on the phone, I plug it in and I can use both hands to clean off my desk, file - a multitude of tasks!

I'm not a very patient waiter, so if I occupy myself with something useful, I'm much happier! Especially in the car. My husband and I have checked out books on tape from the library when we go on long trips, but it works around town, too. If your absorbed in a story, waiting just gives you more time to hear it! Road construction? No problem! We used to travel 11 hours to visit our girls in college during the 7 years one or both of them were there. Books on tape made the trips fly by!

By using little scraps of time, I accumulate more time to do what I like to do - that works for me!

What do you do to capture usable moments?

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