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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wheels - The Best Invention Ever! (Close Second: Long-Lasting Lipstick!)

Aren't wheels wonderful? I often say that wheels are the best invention ever - they make our lives so much easier! And when it comes to moving heavy objects, wheels are essential. 

But what if the object we need to move doesn't have wheels? Self-adhesive wheels come to the rescue! And who carries these? The  Container Store, of course! For $14.99 you can get a set of four. Now these wheels are permanent, so be careful what you attach them to.

You can rent wheels that are non-adhesive from BungoBoxes, along with rentable recyclable boxes and other supplies.

And there are always rolling carts (like small dollies). Stacking boxes on these instead of carrying them, saves your back and makes hauling much more pleasant. 

I got my rolling cart at Staples. They are sold as luggage carriers for around $55. Make sure to take note of how many pounds they hold. The one I use holds 250 pounds. There are cheaper ones out there, but they carry less weight.

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