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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get Organized Month - Decluttering Your Suits/Coordinated Outfits and Jackets

Look over your suits or coodinated outfits. Do they fit, do they look good, are they in good repair, do you wear them? For those that need a button or a seam mended, take them to your TV chair and mend while watching your favorite show this weekend. Get rid of the clothing that doesn't make the grade. Look through your jackets, including outerwear and give them the same scrutiny.

Organize the remaining suits, outfits and jackets according to style - casual, dressy casual and dressy. Then arrange according to color. Are you enjoying your uncrowded closet?

Now that you have decluttered your hanging clothes in your closet, you should be able to calculate what you have and what you need. You may find that one critical item could multiply your clothing options tremendously. By having your clothes organized, coordinated and in good repair, you reduce your stress level when you get dressed in the morning!

Are there some items that need dry cleaning? Take them out to the car, along with your donatable items, and get it done!

Consider donating appropriate clothing to an organization that provides clothing for job interviews to people who are getting back on their feet. Make a list of the items you're donating for tax purposes. Some possible charities: Dress for Success (www.DressforSuccess.org), Career Gear for men (www.CareerGear.org) or Suited for Change in the DC area (www.suitedforchange.org). Check with shelters in your area for suggestions of where you can donate your suits, etc.

Fabulous job!!