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Friday, June 3, 2011

Organizing the Garage - A Little at a Time, Part 3

So ... we've removed trash, recyclables and items to donate. And we've determined functional areas for the garage. The next step is to sort.

I'm not one who likes to remove everything from the area unless the area is too crowded. If there are some things in the correct place, why remove them? 

I like to start in one corner when I sort. It helps me stay focused. Now that I've determined functional areas, I know exactly where something goes if it's not in the correct place.

I have containers for trash, donating, giving away to specific people, does not belong in the garage, and recycling. If you want to sell some of your items, you can create a container for that. 

This is a big job. Just keep sorting until you've made it around your garage. As you sort, you may discover new functional areas you need to create. 

The object is to place items in the correct functional area. Don't put them away yet or worry about storage. 

When you've accomplished this task, do something to celebrate!

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