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Friday, August 10, 2012

Forbes: Cool New Gadgets to Increase Efficiency and Productivity in the Home

Forbes recently came out with several new gadgets for the home in an article by Bethany Lyttle. Here are four that I thought contributed to efficiency and productivity.

FastMac Wall Socket/USB Port combo


Approx. price: $25.00

"Quit groaning when your smartphone or tablet needs charging. This item, winner of several awards including a Best Tech Idea of the Year award, lets you modernize your entire home, transforming any wall into a place to charge your gaming station, bluetooth headset, digital camera, phone, tablet and more. All this, and the regular sockets for lamps and television are on the same panel."

Pocket Smart Measuring String

Approx. price: $12.00

"Whether you're decorating a room or delving into a little handyman action, getting your measurements correct is crucial. And that can be a challenge when it comes to curved surfaces such as round tables, doorway arches, curvy pipes or the rolled arms of a sofa. Enter the measuring string. Truly a string that measures, it can be laid along any curved surface to yield a precise result."

Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad

Approx. price: $39.99

 "Finally, your two favorite things in one place. Slip your iPad into this case and instantly transform the kitchen into a hub for calendars, shopping lists, watching the news, and looking for recipes. The mount is held in place by strips that can be removed without damaging the fridge surface." 

idKitchen Digital Measuring Spoon

Approx. price: $23.00

"Eliminate the guesswork. This device lets you weigh and measure almost anything—powders, granules, gels and liquids—with perfect accuracy. Plus, it eliminates the need for those annoying little spoons. Measures up to nearly 11 ounces."

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