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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Efficient Leaf Raking

This is the week the city is coming by to collect our leaves from the curb. If you live in a warmer climate where the leaves don't change, you're missing out!!

My husband and I have a few days off as foster parents, which has mixed blessings. We have a break, but unfortunately, we didn't manage to fit leaf raking into our schedule while our four foster daughters were at home, so the leaf raking falls to us!

Today and the rest of the week has a forecast of rain, so last night was our chance. My husband made quick work of it, even though we have a very large yard. He started on the outside edges of the yard and mowed in circles with the mower blowing toward the middle of the yard. Not only did he give the lawn its final cut for the year, but all the leaves were blown toward the middle of yard.

He and I then raked the leaves onto a tarp, folded it up burrito-style so the leaves wouldn't fall out, and dragged it to the curb. Thankfully, a hurricane-type wind had already blown most of the leaves away in our front yard, so all that was left was our back and side yards. 

Instead of breaking your back with hours of raking, try my husband's method of circling the leaves. So efficient!

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