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Thursday, September 10, 2009

5-Minute Stress Relievers - Music: The Great Stress Reliever

We've all heard the expression, "Music soothes the savage beast." Have you ever noticed how music can change your mood? Put on an upbeat piece of music and you're energized!

A recent article cited a study in Finland which investigated the ways teenagers use music to control and improve their mood. Each of these provides stress relief in a unique way:

  1. "Entertainment - At the most fundamental level music provides stimulation. It lifts the mood before going out, it passes the time while doing the washing up, it accompanies travelling, reading and surfing the web.
  2. Revival - Music revitalises in the morning and calms in the evening.
  3. Strong sensation - Music can provide deep, thrilling emotional experiences, particularly while performing.
  4. Diversion - Music distracts the mind from unpleasant thoughts which can easily fill the silence.
  5. Discharge - Music matching deep moods can release emotions: purging and cleansing.
  6. Mental work - Music encourages daydreaming, sliding into old memories, exploring the past.
  7. Solace - Shared emotion, shared experience, a connection to someone lost."

No wonder music is so powerful! Take a hint from teenagers and use music to relieve your stress:

- When you've got a lot to do, put on some energizing music.
- Sing along with a favorite song - belt it out!

- When you're discouraged or angry, listen to music with inspiring words. One of our foster daughters recorded a group of inspiring songs so she could go right to them when she needed to change her attitude or perspective.
- Play a song on an instrument.
- When life is chaotic, listen to instrumental music to create a peaceful atmosphere. I like to listen to classical music when I drive in heavy traffic.
- Ask someone to sing to you or play for you. Close your eyes while listening.
- Listen to the words of a song and pay attention to the emotions you feel as you do so.
- Listen to calm music at bedtime. Soothing music helps you go to sleep, while lively music keeps you awake.

What is your favorite way to relieve stress using music? Subscribers click the title to comment at the end of the original blog.

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