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Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to Buy Some Extra Time

I was motivated! I had a foster parent meeting this morning, and I wanted to be able to cross stitch the girls' names on their Christmas stockings while sitting in that meeting (with permission of course!). But before that could happen I needed to construct the stockings (I had already cut them out from fabric they chose. And I needed to attach the cross stitch material to the stocking (I had already cross stitched a little border on each).

So I got up early and did some of the sewing before anyone was up. And I did the rest while they were eating and getting ready.

And I knew one of the girls wanted to go shopping this afternoon. So I made a tuna, broccoli, tomato pasta salad after finishing the stockings.

I was going grocery shopping right after the meeting, so I checked off the things I needed on my grocery list.

All this by 8 am!

Now if you are not a morning person, this may be depressing to you, as my husband often reminds me. :) But he turns it around and gets his stuff done after we have all gone to bed. Nap time is another golden time, if you don't need a nap yourself.

Getting up a little early or staying up a little late can work in the short term, but if you are sacrificing your sleep on a consistent basis, it's harmful to your health. So make sure to plan in enough sleep. The point is, that time when no one needs you is prime time when you can accomplish so much!

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