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Friday, January 9, 2009

Get Organized Month 2009: More on Closet Organizing - The Closet Purse Hanger

Shawane Thomas is a woman after my own heart. She had a problem - lots of purses. What? Is that a problem? Not really - just storing them.

She tried various ways of storing them, none to her satisfaction. So she invented the Closet Purse Hanger by playing with a paperclip. The beauty of the Closet Purse Hanger is that it requires no installation - it simply hangs on your closet rod! She patented it and is now on a mission to create peace in our closets.

Closet Purse Hangers can be purchased online and come in a package of 10 for a price of $19.99 plus $3.00 shipping and handling. Shawane has some great before and after pics on her site, including this "after" picture.

I haven't tried the Closet Purse Hangers, but they sure look terrific. If you decide to try them, send us some before and after pictures of your own!

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