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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Organizing Products I Use - Shoe Organizers (but not for shoes)

I did a post previously about using shoe organizers in my pantry, and I'm doing it again! Our new house has high ceilings, so there's a potential for wasted space in the tops of the closets (gasp!)

Remember how we turned our laundry room closet into a pantry? I added shoe organizers to both sides to use up that space above the closet shelf.

I keep hard-to-store items like platters, my three-tiered dessert server (top left), baskets,  salad spinner, etc. I even put another shelf extender on the top shelf on the left for additional storage.

In the middle between the two shoe shelves, I stood large baskets and trays on their sides. They take up vertical space rather than horizontal space that way.

These shelves make the items I don't use very often accessible when I do need them those few times a year without having to unpack boxes. I love it!

I've used a different type of shoe organizer in our office - the kind that has cubbies. This picture shows the cubbies pretty empty when we first moved in, but they are filed now. It's a nice place to store business cards, phone attachments, ink cartridges, external hard drives and other small stuff we use often. As you may notice, we've turned the closet in our office into a storage area. More about that another day!

These shoe organizers are a great way to expand your shelving without having to build shelving yourself. You do have to put them together, but you don't have to start from scratch! And they are reasonably priced. I got mine at Walmart or Target for around $13 apiece.

Of course, you can always use them for shoes, too!

Such handy little things!

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