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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Organize Your Shopping Trips

We've had a wonderful time having our daughters and son-in-law home this month. How we've enjoyed being together as a family!!

Our daughter Comfort and her husband Steve have gone back to Montana, but Sara is still with us for a few days. As she lives in Kazakhstan, she has had a considerable amount of shopping to do for gifts and to replenish clothing and other supplies. We employed some time management techniques to accomplish her shopping with the least amount of stress possible.

Here's what we did: we made a list of everything she needed to purchase. Then we figured out where she might get these items. Finally, we organized our trips according to the location of the stores we needed to visit. This strategy eliminated making several trips to one location, saving us time and gas.

When you have lots of shopping to do - organize your list and trips to de-stress your shopping.