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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloggy Giveaway #3 - Three Organizing Ebooks

Let's do another giveaway! This time we'll make it ebooks. The three I've chosen are: Three Steps to Planning Dinner, Three Steps to Organizing Your Kitchen, and Three Steps to Clever Cleaning.

Three Steps to Planning Dinner is a smaller version of of the workbook by the same name (minus the grocery lists, recipes, recipe pages for your own recipes, and CD template of those pages), which helps you plan your menus and create shopping lists, so you only need to shop once a week!

Three Steps to Organizing your Kitchen helps you figure out how to make your kitchen most efficient and convenient.

And Three Steps to Clever Cleaning helps you identify your cleaning philosophy (bet you never heard of that one!) and determine how to keep your home clean in the quickest, most efficient way.

For more lengthy descriptions of each book, see my website.

Don't forget to enter by posting a comment below. And make sure you sign up for my other two giveaways!

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Another Bloggy Giveaway from 1-2-3...Get Organized

I have decided to offer another giveaway in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival - my downloadable Hassle Free Dinners. It's over 800 pages of weekly dinner menus (52 weeks), instructions, and weekly grocery lists. It takes all the planning out of cooking dinner. Pick a week's menu (they are arranged seasonally), and go grocery shopping!

The grocery lists are color-coded, so if you know you are not going to be eating at home on Wednesday, for example, you won't buy anything red. And the recipes are set up for 2, 4 or 6 servings, so you don't have to do the math. Even if you have picky eaters, you can substitute ingredients or double up on some meals you know your family will like.

Meals usually take 30 minutes or less (except on weekends when you might bake something, like a roast, that will be repurposed later in the week). Each meal includes a protein, a starch, and something red and something green - fruits and veggies. Recipes that have more than a couple of ingredients will have the nutritional values listed and the price per serving. Most meals run between 400-600 calories total, without being loaded with fat. Menus don't follow any particular eating plan (vegetarian, low carb, etc.) - they're just nutritious and tasty and quick!

Each week includes 1-2 chicken recipes, 1-2 beef recipes, 1-2 pork recipes, 1 fish recipe, and one meatless meal. A variety of cooking methods are used - crockpot, grilling, baking, microwaving, and sauteeing, but not deep frying. No entree is repeated for the entire year. Read some client testimonials. It's a marriage of professional organization and dinnertime!

To enter to win Hassle Free Dinners leave a comment below. To enter my other giveaway, scroll down to leave a comment on my July 28th blog. To go to the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival, click the title above.

Getting Organized for School - Backpack Checklist

With school starting next month for many next month, I want to run several blogs on getting organized for school. The inspiration for today's blog came from The Disney Dream Team's Tracy, who created a system for remembering what needed to go to school with each child.

While Tracy's system targeted her elementary school children, a backpack checklist would work for middle school, high school, and college students. This could even work as a briefcase reminder for work, too. This is how it works:

Create a chart listing the days of the week at the top. Under each day, make a column for each person who needs a checklist. On the far left, list possible items that might need to be included in the backpack that day: a band instrument, shoes for gym, signed paperwork, a folder or notebook for a particular class, library books, etc.

You can create your chart on your computer and reproduce it each week. Or you could use a dry erase board or laminate a poster board to re-use each week. Each person on the chart could be noted in a different color. Then items can be checked off on the appropriate day as a reminder to put those things in the backpack. Make sure you leave extra rows at the bottom for items that aren't necessarily needed each week.

To make life easier, have everyone pack their backpacks the night before. What a morning stress reliever!

What do you do to take the stress out of your mornings?

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