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Monday, July 2, 2012

Beat the Heat and Organize an Indoor Decathlon for Your Kids

Here's a great idea when you've run out of ideas for summer fun, especially when it's hot outside. I'm recycling a blog post from previous summers ...

An indoor decathlon is similar to the outdoor decathlon, but you do it indoors. It’s great for a snow day or a day when it’s 100 degrees!  

I like to alternate short and long games so people don't get bored. 

Examples of games: 
bubble gum blowing
clothes pins in a bottle
pin the _____ on the _____
visible scavenger hunt 
pass the pigs
paper airplane flying contest
elimination jenga
paper balls into a waste basket

I keep the list of games a secret. Then it's a series of surprises.

Gather all the supplies needed for each game.

Create a box or bag of prizes.

Create a score sheet chart with each person listed and each game listed.

After each game, record the scores. If you have five people playing, the person who comes in first gets five points, 2nd place gets 4 points, etc.

After all 10 events are played, the person with the most points is first, etc. #1 gets to choose a prize first, #2 second, etc.

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