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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Got Cabin Fever? Organize Something!

Seems like this winter is especially cold and snowy, doesn't it? Why not use the time indoors to declutter or organize something?

My husband and I have had a few days off. We usually watch a few episodes we've taped of Masterpiece Theatre and the Mentalist. We've also been wanting to go through some of our files and keepsakes to purge and consolidate.

So we decided to combine the two. It only took us a few minutes to go through a container each while watching one of the episodes. I ended up keeping only a third of what was in my box, and my husband found some important papers as he was sorting through some of his parents' stuff.

When the weather get nice, we'll not want to be cooped up indoors sorting through our treasures. And it feels so good to simplify!

While I was putting away Christmas decorations earlier this month, I purged again, just like last year. We reduced our Christmas paraphernalia by a couple of boxes, I'm pleased to say.

So if you're having a snow day, clean out a drawer or a box or a closet or a file drawer. Doesn't take much time and you'll feel so successful!

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