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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giving Yourself Permission to Move On

Just because you used to love collecting Beanie Babies, spoons, or coins doesn't mean you are obligated to continue. And even though you used to love painting, gardening, or woodworking, you don't have to feel guilty because your interest in them has vanished. We change and our interests change.

By giving yourself permission to move on when your interests change eliminates clutter associated with those interests. By all means, check to see if others in your family want your collections before you discard them. But if no one is interested, don't keep them just because "someone" might want them "someday." 

I used to enjoy doing crafts, sewing, etc., but no longer have an interest. I'm happy to teach our foster daughters how to do these hobbies, but when we leave this position, I'll leave all my craft supplies behind for them to enjoy.

Keeping things because they were gifts from special people is not a reason to hang onto them, either. If you're just not interested or don't use them, say good-bye.

Find someone who might appreciate your collections or your hobby paraphernalia and pass them along. You will lighten your clutter load and you are blessing someone else! Or sell them to finance new hobbies or interests.

Why live with excess when you don't need to? 

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