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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keeping it Neat While You Declutter

Decluttering can be messy, especially if it's a big job. One way to keep it a little neater is to sort into stackable boxes. If you need to stop decluttering, you can close the lids and stack them, until you can get back to decluttering.
I like to use clear plastic containers like the one below because 
- you can re-use them, 
- you can see the contents,
- you can easily label and relabel them by sliding a piece of paper down the side with the contents listed,
- you can slide them across the floor,
- you can stack them,
- and they have snap and lock lids.

If you prefer, you can use banker's boxes in the same way. They are cheaper in the short term, but don't last as long.

So, if you're decluttering a room that you need to use every day, give yourself a little peace of mind by storing and stacking those things you've already sorted. At least it will contain some of the mess!

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