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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Labeling Storage with Digital Pictures

Even though you've labeled your storage boxes, do you have trouble finding specific items? For example, if you only use part of your Christmas decorations each year and want to use a different combination each year, you may find yourself unpacking and repacking until you find what you want. Or, do you have trouble finding those items you use only once or twice a year?

Take labeling a step further! Take digital pictures of what is inside each box. If you have several levels in a box such as Christmas ornaments, take a picture of each level.

You can either tape the pictures to the side of the box or lay them in the top of the box. You can also store them in a file, labeling each picture with the corresponding box number. Or save the pictures on your computer with the box number noted for each.

Now you can locate exactly what you want without having to rummage through several boxes!

(BTW - I noticed my Walmart still has red and green clear plastic storage boxes on sale for a great price.)

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