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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Some of My Favorite Organizing Products - My Heavy Duty Shredder

We always have good intentions of keeping up with our shredding, don't we? But it gets out of hand and we overheat our shredders (or catch them on fire!!) when we finally get around to shredding.  

One of the best investments we've made is the Royal MC14MX 14 Sheet Microcut Paper Shredder. It is a heavy duty shredder which will shred 14 sheets of paper at a time.

I don't know about you, but we get a lot of paper. Even though we've joined LifeLock, which removes us from credit card ads, etc., we still manage to have a considerable amount of mail and documents to be shredded.

What I like about our shredder:
- it's heavy duty - if it is getting close to overheating, which is rare, it stops
- the shredding basket holds 10 gallons of paper
- it microcuts, which means it shreds into one-fourth the size of normal shreds
- it shreds 14 sheets of paper at the same time
- staples, DVDs, CDs and credit cards can be shredded
- auto stop and start
- it makes the job of shredding shorter and safer.

I can't remember where we bought ours, but I saw it on several online sites at varying prices. And there are similar products at local office supply stores. It's an investment, but in my opinion, well worth it if you do a lot of shredding. 

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