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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Organized for School - Ideas for Creating a Central Hub

With school starting in less than a month for some, it's time to start thinking of how to create an atmosphere of success for your student and your family as a whole. If things are organized and running smoothly, your child will be more likely to do well. If chaos reigns, it will be very difficult for your child to focus and excel.

One idea is to create a family hub - a central location for several important things:

- You need a location where you keep papers to be signed for school, library books, invitations, and other important information. The point is to have one location into which you deposit vital information so you know where to look when you need it. It can be a drawer, a decorative box, a shelf - whatever works for you. And it needs to be in a central location. When my kids were home, I used a basket in my kitchen.

- If you want to include backpacks, briefcases, and keys in your hub, you could put up pegs or hooks near the door you normally enter. Or use a coat rack or a coat closet to store these vital necessities.

- You may also want to create a section in your hub for each person in your family to house their important stuff.

- And a family calendar would be a vital part of this hub, too.

I searched around the internet and found several different ideas for creating a family hub or parts thereof. Let these be a springboard for creating your own family hub!

Aren't these clever ideas? What does your hub look like? We'd love to see pics!