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Friday, October 3, 2008

Organizing College Applications

College applications are complicated - especially when applications are being made to several schools. If you or your child is applying for college this year, organization is essential! Here are a few thoughts:

Using a file cabinet or a plastic crate, label hanging files for each school in the running. Place all pertinent data for each school in its own file. If you want to get extra-organized, have file folders within each hanging file for: applications, school information, notes from a campus visit, etc.

Write application deadlines on one calendar, and set intermediate deadlines to pace yourself.

Make a checklist for each application, listing what is required for each school. Check off each item when completed. Place each checklist in the front its respective application file. With a glance, you can see what’s missing without having to go through the entire file.

Create similar files for financial aid forms, scholarship applications and other areas of interest.

Do you have any hot tips or shortcuts for organizing college applications?

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