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Friday, April 1, 2011

Tips from Professional Organizers - Organizing Quilting Supplies

More great advice from my fellow professional organizers, this time on organizing quilting supplies...

"I have a serious quilter client ... and she stores all of her 1” square pieces in pizza boxes! She gets them new from a local pizza shop, so they are clean. You can’t see what’s in them, so she has labeled the outside of the box with the color. Because they are flat, they stack neatly, too.Anne Navach, Anne Navach Organizing Services 

"Here are a couple of creative / visual ideas from a blog I like." Linda English

Fabric on Pants Hangers 

DIY Fabric Bolts Using Foam Core

"I am working with a serious quilter too! She has loose fabric, we are putting in clear totes by type (fleece, Amish, etc.) and clearly labeling.

She has a lot of kits purchased too, those are going into 2 and 3 gallon ziplocs so she can see what they are, then lined up in large totes too.
Because the area is in a basement – semi-finished – she didn’t want them exposed to air and possibly dust.

And then her in-progress projects will be laid out so she can work on them.

Don’t forget a scrap bin, she cuts hers down to send to her mother for her to just stitch together, she is in her 80’s!

All of these bins are going on open shelving units. It was like Christmas for her in finding all the great things she can work on!" Jordana

"I had a client who had an entire room in her basement created for her quilting. She purchased the table in the photo  .... 

She also had tall cabinets installed where she stored many of her quilting needs. 

The drawers in the table worked well for smaller fabrics wrapped around cardboard that were stacked on end (grouping by colors). 

We used the same technique with the larger fabrics and stored them in the wall cabinets, much like you would see in a fabric store. 

The drawers also worked well for patterns and other tools. The large cabinet also holds clear bins with smaller fabric scraps." Yve  

"Those clear plastic zip-close bags in which new pillows and blankets come make good containers for individual projects.  So, when she buys (or inherits!) a group of fabrics for one specific project, she can store each project unto itself until she is ready to begin that project." Maureen DeGarmo

"One quilter that I knew had a wall of square cubicles in her sewing room - floor to ceiling --  painted white. She kept her fabric, coordinated by color, in the cubicles. I think they were around 1' square -- possibly larger. It was practical, colorful, and attractive." Judy Ott

A plethora of ideas for solving the same problem! Aren't these ladies great?

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