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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Destressing Christmas, Part 4 - Think through cleaning/decorating/entertaining


· Determine cleaning chores that need to be done for the holidays. Parcel out chores over the weeks remaining before Christmas. If the chores seem too overwhelming, divide them up into 15-minute segments and do them 2-4 times a day. If they are still too overwhelming, eliminate some!

· This is not a time for purchasing new furniture, major home repair, sewing or painting!

· As you decorate, remove regular decorating items and put them in the boxes from which you took your Christmas decorating items. That way, you won't have to remember where you put them. Take this opportunity to purge any decorating items or Christmas items you no longer need or want. A great time to declutter!
· Make holiday decorating a family affair, using items that have sentimental value to family members.

· When you put your Christmas items away, make a list of what you have - decorating items, wrapping supplies, paper products, cards, extra gift items, dishes, etc., so you don't duplicate them.

· If you choose to entertain, cook simple meals with some make-ahead dishes so it's not all last-minute. Consider buying dessert from a local bakery.

· If you're giving a party and people ask if they can bring something, let them!

· If you haven't been invited to a party, give one yourself, if you're inclined. Invite people who may not have relatives in town who don't have a party to go to either! It's a great time to make new friends.