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Friday, March 14, 2008

Organizing Spring Break Days

Spring Break is right around the corner - ours is next week. If you are able to spend the time with your kids, don't let the expanse of time overwhelm you. Do a little planning to make the time fun for you and for your kids.

Plan some road trips or all-day events. I've researched some maple-sugaring events, an Amish road trip, a tour of a carousel factory/museum, an underground railroad driving tour, and some others. To find similar things to do in your area, check out websites, books, newspaper/magazine articles, and county visitor's guides.

Hobby stores and other groups offer craft classes. Doing an act of kindness or volunteer opportunity is another possibility to pursue. A family spring cleaning project can be thrown into the mix.

Some at-home activities to engage your imagination: a decathlon (10 fun/silly events - bubble blowing contest, table games, drop the clothespin in the bottle, etc.), an uno marathon where the winner of each hand adds a new rule, Easter egg coloring, and a crazy dinner.

I make up a list of possible activities, and we usually let the kids vote on various activities (1st, 2nd, 3rd choice), so we get an idea of what is most popular. I divide the categories into events outside the home, at-home activities, and exercise options. Then I tally up the votes and plan out the week, trying to include as many favorites as possible - as time and money allow.

To make an ordinary day fun, break it up into 15 to 30 minute segments, depending on the age of your kids. Some segment fillers could include group games, reading time, time with individual kids, cooking time, alone time, TV/movie time, individual game time, athletic activity, etc. during those segments. I usually try to alternate energetic and quiet activities, indoor and outdoor activities, group and individual activities and so on. Don't tell your kids what's coming next, so there's an element of surprise. When your kids have time to themselves, you do too!

Whenever your Spring Break occurs, I hope it's filled with fun and happy memories.