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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Helioplex is My New Friend

Helioplex is my new friend. What is helioplex, you ask? It's an ingredient in sun screens that prevent against all three types of skin cancer.

So why am I talking about sun screen on my organizing blog? From my own experience, having skin cancer messes up your life a bit:

- I had to go to extra doctor's appointments - the initial appointment, the surgery to remove the cancer, the appointment to sew up the wound, the appointment to remove the stitches, and a couple of follow up appointments.

- My husband had to drive me to several of
my appointments, so it took up his time, too.

- My skin cancer was over my eyebrow, and my eye got swollen. So I had to wear my glasses instead of my contacts for a while, which impaired my vision and my work.

- Surgery reduces your energy level as your body fights to heal.

- And it was ugly!

My dermatologist has asked me to wear sun screen every day. I haven't liked it because sun screens are usually heavy, oily, hot, and smelly. He recently gave my husband a sample of Neutrogena UltraSheer (which he has kindly shared), and I have found my new friend. It's light, not oily, not hot even though it has an spf of 70. And it has a pleasant smell. I use it on all exposed skin every day.

So do yourself a favor - make helioplex your new friend, too. Sure saves a lot of time and hassle. Maybe even your life!

What do you do to protect your skin? If you receive this via email, comment here.