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Monday, January 10, 2011

Get Organized Month - Organizing Your Jewelry

I get up at a ridiculous hour, and don't want to stumble around in the dark looking for jewelry, waking up my husband. I had gradually moved much of my jewelry piece by piece into the bathroom from my organized system in the dresser drawer in my bedroom. I'm embarrassed to say, this is what it eventually looked like!!

I needed another system, obviously! I looked at a bunch of jewelry organizers, but this one at Online Organizing appealed to me most of all.  


It hangs on my bathroom wall where I can find what I want with one glance. This organizer comes in three sizes. I chose the one that measures 12" x 19" and is supposed to hold 80 pairs of earrings. I cheated, though, and put a pair of earrings in each hole rather than one earring in each hole. 

The rack holds both post and hook earrings plus necklaces and bracelets. I organized according to colors to make it easier to find what I need. 

In my search for a jewelry organizer, I also came across one woman's creative solution for organizing her necklaces: a rake!

Have you found a jewelry organizer you love?

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