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Friday, November 26, 2010

Maximizing Time - What To Do While Waiting

Life is a hurry-up-and-wait game, isn't it? We wait in carpool lanes, appointments, traffic, for our children's lessons or sports to conclude, etc. Why not make the most of it? Every scrap of time you can use while waiting means you'll have more time later!

Here are a few ideas:
- Listen to a recorded book. Even when traffic is irritating or there is road construction, it goes by so much more pleasantly when you have something to engage your mind.
- Carry a nail file to do touch ups while sitting at lights, and other times you're waiting.
- Write thank you notes, birthday cards, etc.
- Make a quick phone call (not while driving!).
- Plan menus.
- Work on a grocery list or to do list.
- Pick up the trash in the car.
- Clean out your purse, wallet, or briefcase.
- Read a book. Sometimes I bring a pleasure book if I think I'm going to be waiting long. It keeps me from being as irritated by the wait.
- Take a magazine from home you've been wanting to read. Tear out the pages you want to keep. (I did this once in a doctor's office and one of my foster daughters thought I was ripping up the doctor's magazines. LOL!)
- Listen to some calming music if you need that, or some upbeat music if that's what you need. 
- Do some mending.
- Catch up on emails or social networks.

If you have kids in the car:
- Use the time to catch up on each other's day. To promote conversation, avoid using questions that have yes and no answers.
- Play a game like 20 questions, I Spy, or something similar to pass the time.
- Pop in a recorded book geared toward your child's age. 
- Listen to some music your child enjoys. Sing along!
- Have a book of five-minute mysteries you can read to your child.
- Have a "car book" - a book you read together while waiting in the car.
- Have a stocked activity box or bag for your child to enjoy while waiting.
- Carry non-messy snacks in the car to get through the "grumpy, hungry" stage.

We only get 24 hours in each day - let's stretch it!

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