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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Juggling Priorities During the Holidays

When you add all the shopping, special events, and more to an already busy schedule, life can get confusing! It requires juggling schedules and priorities as needed. 

Today started our stocking stuffer gifts for our foster daughters - one gift in each of their stockings each day until Christmas. I'm rather proud of myself - I have bought all the stocking stuffers and wrapped up through the 13th. 

Only problem - I was missing a couple of stockings. Last year when we became permanent house parents for our teenage foster daughters, I made stockings for the girls. They are made out of Christmas fabric with a cross-stitched cuff. Two of the girls had theirs from last year, but we have two new girls this year. 

So ... every free moment lately I've been cross-stitching in order to finish by last night. In light of this deadline, I postponed some things that could wait until later and simplified other things. 

That's what the holiday season requires - evaluating which tasks get top billing, which ones can wait, and which ones get marked off the list or simplified.

By doing so, we'll be doing those things that are most important. Can't do better than that, can we?

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