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Monday, September 9, 2013

September - National Preparedness Month - What Are Your Potential Emergencies?

As a result of moving to Montana, my husband and I have a different set of emergencies to anticipate than when living in Ohio or Maryland. As a result, we had a conversation recently on how to prepare for such eventualities.

First, we identified those emergencies we might face.We thought we might encounter no electricity, no water, extreme temperatures, high wind,  and heavy snow. No longer do we need to prepare for tornadoes, though, as we did in the other two locations.

Next, we identified the ramifications of those emergencies.It could mean no heat, no connection with the outside world, lack of water, no indoor cooking facilities, being stuck in snow, being cold.

Third, we identified action items to prepare for these possible emergencies.- We plan to get a kerosene heater to provide heat should our electricity go out.- We decided to get a battery with which to charge our phones and computers. We already have car chargers for them.
- We will begin to fill empty containers with water and a little bleach so we would at least have water to flush the toilets.
- We'll stock up on nonperishable items should we not be able to cook at all - tuna, canned veggies and fruit; and a manual can opener.
- We'll make sure to have a full back-up gas canister for the grill should we need to use it as our main source of cooking.
- I bought a pair of heavy-duty snow boots. My husband already has a couple of pairs.
- By the end of September, we should winterize our car - have blankets, hand and feet warmers, water, etc. in each car should we get stuck somewhere.
- Our snow shovel is accessible.
- We have coats, gloves, etc. that are appropriate for snow removal.

What emergencies might you face in your area and how will you prepare for them?

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