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Monday, November 15, 2010

Reduce Christmas Stress by Organizing Now, Part 7 - Christmas Card Tips

I got a little more Christmas shopping done over the weekend. I have all the stocking stuffers I'll put in our foster daughters' stockings during the month of December - one each day until Christmas. And I had a great time speaking on Decluttering at the Kent Free Library - great audience! Now on to our topic for today ...

Sending out Christmas cards can seem like an overwhelming and costly task. Here are some ways to make it more doable.

- Send out digital Christmas cards or letters to as many people as possible. I know this offends some, but at least your message gets out. I like sending and receiving letters - catching up with our friends. When I receive a Christmas card with only a signature, I know my friends are alive, but that's about all!

You can email your letters or you can use an email service. I use iContact to send out emails for my business, and it allows me to divide my contacts into different groups, one being my Christmas card list.

If you have a blog, you can post your Christmas letter on your blog, too. If you want to get fancy, you could make a video Christmas greeting and put the link on your social networks. 

- If you write a Christmas letter, make it no longer than one side of a page. It's cheaper to print and most people won't read more than that. It forces you to be economical with your words! 

- Use your TV time or traveling time (if you're the passenger!) to address Christmas cards. You're doubling your time while enjoying yourself, too!

- Get the family involved. Your family members can help fold, stuff, seal, and stamp your cards and letters.

- In January, update your snail mail Christmas card list as you sort through your Christmas cards. Then you're set when it comes time to send out your cards.

However you do Christmas cards, your friends and family will love to hear from you! 

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