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Friday, January 14, 2011

Get Organized Month - How to Save Money by Being Organized

Did you know that you can actually save money by being organized? Never thought about it before? Here's how:

- A U.S. News & World Report study found that that Americans spend roughly a year of their lives looking for lost items at home or at work - that's a lot of wasted time which equals wasted money.

- When you're organized, you know what you have and you don't buy things you already have.

- When you're organized, you are aware of the food in your fridge and you use it up before it spoils.

- When you're organized, you plan errands, saving both gas money and your time, which is also worth money.

- When you're organized, you are able to take advantage of opportunities that come your way that either save money or make money for you.

- When you're organized, you know where your bills are, and you pay them on time, saving late fees or reconnection charges.

- When you're organized you service your car and other appliances, saving costly repair bills or replacement costs.

- When you're organized, you have necessities on hand, preventing last minute trips - costing both time and money (especially if you go to the convenience store).

- When you're organized, you plan meals, saving costly take-out meals or eating out. For the price of four combo meals at a fast-food restaurant, you could be eating steak or salmon, neither of which are time-consuming to prepare!

- When you're organized, you pack a lunch instead of eating out. Spending only $5 a day for 20 work days equals $100.

- When you're organized, you keep track of your bank account, saving expensive overdrawn fees.

- When you're organized, you write down business mileage and charitable contributions, saving money on taxes.

Want to get started? Start small. Determine the area that is costing you the most money. Organize that area and move on to another area. Reward youself when you make progress! Give yourself credit for small steps forward!!

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Source: previous post on 1-2-3 ... Get Organized.