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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Organized for Winter - Swapping Out Seasonal Clothes

Where we live, here in Northeast Ohio, we seem to have skipped Fall this year. Today and tomorrow we're going to be in the high 60's, but then we're back down into the 40's and 50's! We've had almost no transition into chilly weather at all! So, we've swapped out our clothes a little early this year.

Fall is a great time to declutter and purge. First, go through your summer clothes as you take them out of your closet and drawers. Or, if all your clothes fit in one closet, move your summer clothes to be less accessible and your fall and winter clothes to be most accessible, if necessary. If you have closets like Paris Hilton (see related post below), however, you won't have to worry about moving anything. Purging might help, though! :)

Next, start on your winter clothes.
For both seasons of clothes, ask yourself: Do I love this article of clothing? Does it make me feel fabulous? Have I been waiting too long to get into this size? Is it out of date? Is it shabby? Have I worn it in the last year? Do the same with shoes, purses, belts, underwear and socks. Make sure you leave out a couple of summer outfits for those occasional warm days.

As you purge, place your unwanted items in a giveaway stack or in a throwaway stack. My husband fills up his collection of rags at this time of year!

Thrift stores appreciate getting fall items at the beginning of the season. (If you're really energetic, they are taking Christmas items now, too!) Make a list of your donated items for tax purposes. Salvation Army has a valuation guide for donations to help determine the value of your donated items.

Next, organize your clothing according to style (casual, dressy casual, dressy), type (pants, sweaters, etc.), length (short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, long sleeve; long pants, capri length, etc.), and color - put like colors together in each category.

With a glance you can evaluate your shopping needs. When I moved my winter clothes to be more accessible, and made my summer clothes less accessible, I could see exactly what I had for the cooler seasons. And I realized that I needed to go shopping (oh darn!). Several items were faded or worn. Since we're off for a few days, my husband and I had a wonderful day yesterday of having lunch together and shopping.

When your closet is organized, getting dressed in the morning is so much easier!
Now your closet will have breathing room, too - your clothes will not get wrinkled from being too crowded. If you go through this routine each year, it becomes easier and easier!

What are your tips for swapping out seasonal clothes?

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