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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Organized for a Move - Clearing Out Your Kids' Stuff

As you may know, we purchased a house last week and we are starting to get organized for our move. The first item on our agenda was clearing out our kids' stuff. That will give us more room in our garage to house our things that are ready to move.

When we moved to Bozeman, we still had some of our girls' things. Our daughter here in Bozeman recently moved into her own home, which has tons of storage space. We just never got around to taking her stuff over to her. And our other daughter who lives overseas has just a few containers of memorabilia here, which will also live at her sister's.

Kids' StuffMuch of their stuff was in cardboard boxes, which we swapped out for plastic totes since they will be housed in a garage or storage building. While we were at it, we consolidated like things together and labeled the plastic containers to make it easier to find things.

It took an afternoon and evening, but we feel good about transferring organized, labeled containers to our kids.

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