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Monday, January 17, 2011

Laundry Tips from Professional Organizers, Part 2

Hope you are having a nice three-day weekend. We are working, of course, but we've only had one girl for a couple of days. Two are with family, and the other ran away. She has been found, but has not been returned to our home. On to some more laundry suggestions from professional organizers ...

Here's an unconventional idea for laundry - don't sort! A couple of professional organizers tell us how they do it.

"I separate by owner of the clothes but I never sort colors and have only messed up one thing two years ago.  And I will throw in a towel or two with the clothes sometimes." Laura Clayton

"I have 3 boys ages 4, 6, and 8.  My washer and dryer are located in our dungeon basement.  I do laundry every day and I actually wash everything together, no sorting.  I know, it's crazy but I've been doing this for years and have only ruined one or two things.  None of our clothes require "special" care so this works fine for us.  By doing one load a day without sorting, it's pretty easy.  On Saturday I wash the bath towels as a separate load.  I usually wait until I have three or four baskets of clean clothes before I take them all upstairs to sort, fold and put away." Angela DiCicco

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