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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Turn Holiday Clutter into Classroom Treasure

As you're getting organized and decluttering this month, here's a way to help schools plus get rid of your stuff at the same time. Here's how iloveSchools.com describes the process:

"Christmas came, saw and conquered this year, leaving a pile of wrapping paper, boxes and new goodies in its wake. With storage space at a premium, today’s gifts are putting the squeeze on yesterday’s favorites. What should be done with gently-used items?

Donate gently-used technology, games, books, art supplies and music instruments through www.iLoveSchools.com, where they’ll find new life in a student’s hands. Once a donor registers on the site, he or she can post a DonorOffer, narrowing down which teachers see the post based on the following criteria: school type, grade, free-lunch, location and delivery method.

Teachers will then respond to the offer, leading to painless coordination of the gift’s transfer. Teachers then thank the donor electronically with classroom images and student messages.

The iLoveSchools.com service is a zero-cost service to teachers, while donors voluntarily give a small donation to help with the nonprofit’s administration costs. What can you donate?

About iLoveSchools.com: Established in 2003, iLoveSchools.com is the first national web-based nonprofit organization matching schools and teachers with donors of new and used classroom equipment, materials, supplies and in-kind contributions. Their unique Internet-based solution links teachers and schools with donors committed to creating constructive learning environments for America’s preK-12th grade schoolchildren regardless of cultural or economic circumstances. For more information, please visit: www.iLoveSchools.com."

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